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Charges of Jungle Safari /TRIP ( ONE TRIP )
SNo Charges Category TALA Zone MAGDHI Zone KHITAULI Zone
1 Forest Entry Charges Rs.2450.00 Rs.1250.00 Rs.1250.00
2 Tourist Guide Charges Rs.300.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.300.00
3 Register Vehicle Charges/Trip Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00
4 Reservation Charges/Trip/ ticket / vehicle Rs.450.00 Rs.450.00 Rs.450.00
Per Trip Charges (Including All) Rs.5200.00 Rs.4000.00 Rs.4000.00
1.  Jungle Safari includes maximum 6 tourists(Above Age 5) per trip and charges are fixed irrespective of number of tourist.
2. As per Government norms, the"Forest Entry Charges"will be double for non-indian tourists, others charges(Guide/Vehicle/Reservation) will be same as mentioned.